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Next Generation GSOC Group

Next Generation GSOC Group


*SEC does not recognize best practices per se but recommends options across a continuum of proven practices; what is "best" is the solution that works for your organization, industry, corporate culture, resources, etc.

Are you a security practitioner that is:

  • Planning to benchmark, launch or repurpose a GSOC in the future?
  • Responsible for a Security or Risk Operations Communications Center today?
  • Looking to compare your people, process, technology operations or services to other organizations?

Would you benefit from:

  • Being involved in a trusted, peer-based network for sharing ideas, needs, challenges and opportunities for operational excellence?
  • Benchmarking against relevant data?
  • Comparing GSOC activities, awareness, knowledge and technology transfer with internal and external resources (Proven Solution Partners)?
  • Defining and tracking related performance measures?
  • Hearing how colleagues have developed a proven solution or addressed a need?
  • Obtaining validated, trusted referrals for cutting edge solution providers from your peers?
  • Participating in recurring annual benchmarking studies?
  • Sharing documented incident case studies and business case analyses?

Then this Group is for you……

In 2014, the Council completed a project that included over 50 organizations in a GSOC benchmarking study and follow-up group meetings. Now we are opening this group up to a larger audience to participate in a recurring benchmark and informative meetings.

Two thirds of the current group are planning consolidation, expansion or enhancements to their GSOCs. Here is your chance to get an idea of how other organizations are running their GSOCs as well as getting a glimpse of where the Global Security Operation Center of the Future™ is heading.

Items of benchmark research interest include:

Future plans
Infrastructure architecture
Performance metrics
Services provided
Staffing models
And more...

Benefits of participation include:

  • Access to people, process, technology and professional development enhancement resources for your risk management program.
  • The GSOC Benchmark Report with completion of survey.
  • Discounts – 30% on additional SEC faculty developed publications or up to 30% on events; as well as up to 8% preferred rate on Solution Innovation Partner offerings
  • One (1) free SEC produced book or report from our store
  • Meetings 4 times per year virtually or in-person in conjunction with a group member's tour of their GSOC.
  • Membership is eligible for Continuing Professional Education credits.
  • Opportunities to participate in current and emerging issue research and projects.
  • Receipt of Security Executive Council newsletters or other timely communications on insights and trends.

A prerequisite to membership is the completion of the current GSOC Benchmark survey. The survey link will be sent upon confirmation of membership.

If you are interested in participating or learning more about the GSOC benchmarking study and the best practices group please contact us: contact@secleader.com

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