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Influencing Enterprise Risk Mitigation, 2nd Edition

Influencing Enterprise Risk Mitigation, 2nd Edition


Not a Moment to Lose…Influencing Global Security One Community at a Time

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Not a Moment to Lose…Influencing Global Security One Community at a Time was developed as an influencing tool. It is also a timely call to action following the “reversal of fortune” witnessed by the last decade of manmade and natural disaster mitigation shortfalls. Advance reviewers were quick to assess this as a resource that enables risk mitigation professionals and their team to connect their mission to the values of family, community, and organization. Deeply informed by the author’s experience at Starbucks Coffee, it is a people-centric guide to locally relevant, all-hazards risk preparedness, board-level risk mitigation and return on investment.

About the Author:
Francis D’Addario is a principal of Crime Prevention Associates and Emeritus Faculty member of the Security Executive Council. His security teams have set private sector benchmarks for violence reductions, profit margin contribution, and engagement at Starbucks Coffee, Hardees Food Systems, Jerrico Inc. and the Southland Corporation. Francis has more than twenty five years in public safety and corporate security management. He is a Certified Protection Professional, Fraud Examiner, Community Emergency Responder, Food Defense Coordinator, and Coffee Master.

What You Will Learn:

  • Who must be influenced locally to achieve globally relevant people, asset, product and brand reputation protection
  • What the language of risk offers for understanding all human, logical, and physical hazards that require mitigation
  • Why a people-first approach influences cross-functional stakeholder support and C-suite endorsement
  • How collective knowledge and data overcome paradigms and personal opinion to measure success or failure
  • The value proposition for simultaneously enabling critical mission, compliance, and return-on-investment

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