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Business Continuity Playbook, 2nd Edition

Business Continuity Playbook, 2nd Edition


 A framework with tools to create or enhance your business continuity program
Dean Correia, Contributing Editor

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Business continuity planning identifies an organization’s exposure to various risks while bringing together various resources in order to provide effective assessment, preparedness, response, and recovery from these risks negatively impacting the organization. Business continuity planning is an ongoing strategic practice governing how business is conducted.

This Playbook is meant to serve as a framework to help security leaders build a business continuity program from the ground up or enhance the program that is currently in existence. The materials have been compiled using various accredited sources, international standards, and the collective knowledge of the Security Executive Council and its subject matter experts, which represents decades of experience managing business continuity programs. The Playbook is adaptable to companies of all sizes from all industries.

** Note: This resource is available at no cost or at a discount to the Council community and strategic alliance partners based upon their level of involvement. Please contact Rob West if you need assistance.

Table of Contents:
Business Continuity Planning
Business Value of a Business Continuity Program and its Services
Program Characteristics
Program Data
Essentials Playbook
BCP Purpose, Objective, and Imperatives
Business Continuity Program Planning
Business Continuity Elements
Business Continuity Program Planning Continuum
Pillar I: Assessment
Hazard Identification
Risk Assessment
Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
Vendor Resiliency Questionnaire (VRQ)
Pillar II: Preparedness
Mutual Aid/Mutual Assistance
Communication Systems
Pillar III: Response
Important Crisis Management Skills
Response Teams and Expectations
Incident Notification and Escalation
Crisis Management Meeting Locations
Emergency Operations Center (EOC)
Response Procedures
Pillar IV: Recovery
Post-Incident Recovery and Record Keeping
Return to Normal Operations
Corrective Action Plan
Appendices, Tools and Resources
Appendix 1: Specific Job Descriptions and Salary Ranges
Appendix 2: Advisory Committee Members
Appendix 3: Corporate Contingency Planning Umbrella
Appendix 4: Hazard or Threat Risk Matrix
Appendix 5: Business Impact Analysis Template
Appendix 6: Vendor Resiliency Questionnaire
Appendix 7: CMT/IMT/LRT Member List
Appendix 8: CMT, IMT, LRT Members Roles and Responsibilities
Appendix 9: Crisis Management Meeting Locations and Contacts
Appendix 10: CMT/IMT Meeting Agenda
Appendix 11: Critical Incident Decision Matrix
Appendix 12: Critical Incident Individual Decision Matrix
Appendix 13: Facility Property Assessment Checklist
Appendix 14: Incident Report Form
Appendix 15: Government Contacts
Appendix 16: Citation/Resource List

  • Model: SEC509-BCEP12
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